Kalsi fibre cement materials stand for health, durability and quality. The robust material is world-renowned for its straightness, flexibility and ease of installation. Kalsi ceiling and cladding boards are produced without asbestos fibres and are used as part of a dry construction system in commercial, residential and industrial markets. The calcium silicate fibre cement boards are manufactured using a combination of cement, silica and cellulose which are then processed in an autoclave to ensure greater immediate dimensional stability. External cladding boards in fibre cement prove to be a great combination of aesthetics and technology, providing a wide range of solutions and each with specific technical properties. Kalsi is a great alternative for smart builders and homeowners who want materials that are light, strong and easy to work with, and enable a faster build.

More Details

Size: 2.4m X 1.2m

Thickness: 12mm

Edge: Square Edge